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  • Yak Attack VISIFlag 52"

    Yak Attack VISIFlag 52"

    The VISIFlag™ from YakAttack is a 52" tall flag pole offering enhanced daytime visibility. It fits in most tube-style rod holders and can be attached to the YakAttack MightyMount, YakAttack GearTrac™, and most other factory installed track...
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  • Yak Attack 8" Backing Plate

    Yak Attack 8" Backing Plate

    This 1/4" thick anodized aluminum plate with tapped holes from YakAttack is used for strong installation of GT90, GTTL90 GTSL90 GearTrac. Requires 1/2" X 8" flat area inside hull. GT90, GTTL90, GTSL90 backing plate Single pack 8"...
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  • Yak Attack Rigging Bullet

    Yak Attack Rigging Bullet

    The Rigging Bullet™ with threads provide an easy way to install mounts in out of reach places where before the only previous options would have been self threading screws, well nuts, or pop rivets. The three different threads on our rigging bullets...
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