Bowfishing Supplies

  • AMS® Retriever® TNT Bowfishing Reel Right Hand AMS® Chart

    AMS® - Retriever® TNT Bowfishing Reel - Right Hand

    An upgrade of our best-selling Retriever® Pro, the TNT offers faster retrieval, stronger line and more of it, and a longer handle for more fish handling torque. You’ll be amazed at the difference in speed. REEL ONLY SIMPLE TO USE WITH NO...
  • AMS® Chaos® FX (Tip-Turn Release) P903-516

    AMS® - Chaos® FX (Tip-Turn Release)

    Chaos® points are great for all shooters, including those that shoot at a lower draw weight. They have a super short body and two heavy-duty, rounded wire barbs that make a small entry hole and engage with minimal penetration. Barbs pivot to the side...
  • AMS® Wave® Rest M151

    AMS® - Wave® Rest

    The rugged AMS Wave Rest® was designed for simplicity and functionality. High sides keep the arrow under control during the shot and a spinning roller reduces wear on the arrow shaft. The Wave Rest® can be used by right or left-hand shooters. All...
  • AMS® Chaos® QT (Shaft-Turn Release) P908

    AMS® - Chaos® QT (Shaft-Turn Release)

    Our AMS engineered and manufactured Chaos® QT point is one tough point! Its spiraled Cyclone® tip is hardened by a special heat treat process to keep the point extra sharp. With its Cyclone® tip, super short body, heavy gauge wire barbs and...
  • Innerloc 3 Barb Grapple Point

    Innerloc 3 Barb Grapple Point

    3 Barb Grapple points penetrate freely and supply large holding area. Made of heat tempered stainless steel and feature anti vibration tips. Available for 5/16 and 22/64 shaft sizes.
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