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  • Spartan Black Alala Fixed Blade Knife

    Spartan Black Alala Fixed Blade Knife

    Alala - Ancient Greek, meaning "battle-cry" or "war-cry", was the personification of the war cry in Greek mythology. ... Greek soldiers attacked the enemy with this cry in order to cause panic in their lines. Its sturdy and comfortable...
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  • TOPS Baja 4.5 Reserve Edition TOPS Baja 4.5 Reserve Edition

    TOPS Baja 4.5 Reserve Edition

    When TOPS started building knives for bushcraft outside of the tactical knives with a survival flair, black traction coating and tan canvas Micarta handles were the option on most. As TOPS has continued to be successful in that arena, many colors and...
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  • Cold Steel Finn Bear

    Cold Steel Finn Bear

    Reflecting the best of its Finnish heritage, the Finn Bear is ideal for use in the great outdoors, and makes an efficient utility knife as well! Its sub-zero quenched German 4116 Stainless blade is hollow ground and given an RC of 56-57 so it will hold...
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  • TOPS Backup TOPS Backup

    TOPS Backup

    The TOPS Backup was designed specifically to be carried with the Hammer Hawk, but will function great as a backup to any larger knife. Many cutting tasks that people encounter can be done with knives that have short cutting edges. So when the tomahawk is...
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  • TOPS Baghdad Box Cutter

    TOPS Baghdad Box Cutter

    This is a remarkably strong, small EDC tool. It has a solid 1/4" thick body, which has been shaped and skeletonized to reduce weight and improve efficiency. Guys in Iraq and Afghanistan have been wearing them on their belts, vests, and in their pockets...
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