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Deer Calls For Sale

  • Hunters Specialties True Talker OG Grunt Call

    Hunters Specialties True Talker OG Grunt Call

    The True Talker OG features the original materials and design of the first True Talker ever produced. A soft rubber exterior for unbeatable grip and rubber sleeve over the bellow/grunt tube allows for the manipulation of volume, tone and direction...

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  • Primos "The Can" Family Pack

    Primos "The Can" Family Pack

    "THE CAN®" family has truly revolutionized deer hunting. The bleats that are reproduced by these calls have been proven to be dramatically successful. Now there is a "CAN®" for any season and condition, so you can take advantage of those special...

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  • Primos Bottleneck Grunt Call

    Primos Bottleneck Grunt Call

    Soft flexible bottleneck design automatically creates back pressure that Speaks The Language®. The Bottleneck Deer Grunt™ is the perfect call for those that want to produce ideal mid-tone grunts and ROARs. The call’s compact size and soft...

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  • Primos Deer and Bleat Call

    Primos Deer and Bleat Call

    Hunters just cannot believe how the bawl brings does charging in during the early season. This call also reproduces a short bleat and Estrus bleat, perfect for all season hunting when you’re after that big buck. Great for Early Season Bow Hunting

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  • Primos Hardwood Grunter

    Primos Hardwood Grunter

    FEATURES 6-in-1! Adjustable reed assembly allows for grunts and bleats Made from select hardwood for extra loud volume and deep, throaty grunts Expandable hose for variable tones

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  • Primos The Long Can Doe Bleat

    Primos The Long Can Doe Bleat

    The Long CAN® produces longer, more intense Estrus™ Bleats, which lets bucks know there is a doe that’s ready to be bred. During the pre-rut and rut this is the sound bucks are listening for. Be sure you are set up in an area where bucks...

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