Absolute Must Haves for Late Season Whitetails

Posted by Matt Smith on Dec 9th 2021

Now that by in large that rifle season is over, its time to give a week’s rest and hit the woods again to cleanup those tags. Late season can be a very tricky time to deer hunt but can also be very rewarding on so many levels. Being prepared physically and mentally to outwit a crafty buck or freezer filling doe is a key part in the hunt. Here, we will go over just a few accessories that would be considered critical when chasing late season whitetails.

Wearing the correct thermal base layers is essential in keeping you in the woods longer. Duofold has been a trusty friend when the thermometer drops. The Merino Wool insulation is perfect for these occasions. Wool is considered one of the absolute best insulators you could ever purchase for your hunt. Every bit of effort you can give to stay warm will keep you in the game longer.

Keeping your digits warm before pulling that trigger is beyond critical. As we get colder, one of the first senses to be affected is our sense of touch. Cold hands will ruin a great deer hunting day just as fast as cold feet. With a heating system that keeps your hands up to 20% warmer, Seirus is on point.

Having great glass is helpful in both hot and cold conditions. Being able to see across wide open fields or bare stretches of open timber is beyond helpful in the hunt. If you are unable to distinguish how big that buck is or how many deer are in the field, then you are already on the losing side of the battle. Leupold has long been on the top for any hunting optics. The quality and clarity they are known for a unmatched.

Here at Rockingham Cooperative, we carry a wide selection of cameras from Browning to Wise Eye. A late season camera will allow you to sneak in and be on surveillance of your favorite hunting spot. Now with the weather changing, increased hunting pressure, and food supply changes it is essential to be able to track a deer’s new patterns as they adapt. Tracking new patterns for whitetails can be extra tricky if you do not have eyes on your property or spot 24/7.

The alure of hunting late season whitetails is not as sought after once rifle season closes. Many hunters have had their fill of both the freezer and memories. For those diehards that will not stop until the 10th round, it’s critical that we be ready. Staying warm, hunting over food sources, and toning down your presence at your spot are all keys to victory. Hunting when the conditions are cold and tough add to the satisfaction of bagging a deer that you have worked hard for.