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Lube and Wax

Crossbow Lube and Wax

  • Excalibur Rail Lube

    Excalibur Rail Lube

    Our new EX-LUBE is designed to extend the life of your string’s serving and maximize the speed of your crossbow by reducing friction. This odor free, non-toxic lubricant comes in a handy tube and continues to work in even the coldest hunting...

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  • Excalibur - X-Slick Rail Lube

    Excalibur - X-Slick Rail Lube

    X-Slick Rail Lubricant is a silicon-based oil packaged with a pin-point applicator needle that takes the hassle and mess out of lubing the crossbow. When evenly applied, the crossbow will deliver a smooth shot every time while preventing wear on the...

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  • TenPoint - Premium Lubricant

    TenPoint - Premium Lubricant

    Applicator has an internal spring to prevent spilling. Place applicator on desired location and slightly push down, squeeze bottle to release fluid. Recommended for: Strings Cables Cocking Device Cords

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    All-in-one crossbow care kit. String wax is formulated to penetrate deeply into the string fibers protecting them from weathering effects. Provides UV protection for all bowstrings. Rail lube creates a slippery surface for the string to glide across,...

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  • Rocky Mountain - Crossbow Lube

    Rocky Mountain - Crossbow Lube

    Maximum Performance Clean, odorless stick lubricant with silicone effectively lubricates your crossbow. Reduces friction between the rail and string for improved performance. Maximum Protection Increases string life and helps prevent rust from forming...

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  • Titan - Crossbow Rail Lube

    Titan - Crossbow Rail Lube

    Allen’s Crossbow Rail Lubricant increases bolt speed and string life while decreasing noise and string wear by reducing friction. This bow care essential comes in a convenient stick in a tube design that is easy to apply.

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