Game Processing Accessories

  • LEM 22lb Food Scale

    LEM 22lb Food Scale

    Take advantage of this sturdy scale that weighs up to 22 lbs/50 grams. This scale has a large 4" dial and measures pounds in 2 oz. increments or 0.5g increments. This scale also features a large removable stainless steel bowl.
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  • LEM #32 Bolt-Down Hand Grinder

    LEM #32 Bolt-Down Hand Grinder

    This hand grinder is a #32 and bolts down. The hopper has a 4 3/8" x 5 1/4" opening. Grinder comes with 3/8" and 3/16" plates and a knife. It is made from cast aluminum and well made for long lasting service.
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  • LEM Meat Saw Blade 16" Cam Lock

    LEM Meat Saw Blade 16" Cam Lock

    Professional quality meat saws have a heavy nickel-plated frame and a large blade tightening lever that makes blade changing very easy. Professional quality Heavy nickel-plated frame Large blade tightening lever All saws come with 1/2" blades
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  • Handheld Meat Tenderizer

    Handheld Meat Tenderizer

    Round hand held meat tenderizer has 24 stainless steel points that will break down the toughest sinew and fibers in the meat. Ideal to use on meat, fish, poultry and game before marinating. Dishwasher safe.
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  • LEM Hog Ring Pliers

    LEM Hog Ring Pliers

    Make sure you're meat bags are tied up tight with these Hog Rings And Pliers. Pliers and rings are used to clamp sausage casings or ground meat bags after filling. You can also use these pliers and rings to close bags, fish netting, mesh traps and much...
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  • LEM Meat Saw Blade 16" x 1" w/Pin

    LEM Meat Saw Blade 16" x 1" w/Pin

    Don't let a dull saw blade keep you from processing with ease. We offer standard sized blades with 1/2" wide (10 teeth per inch) to provide easy cutting action. Step it up a notch with our 1" wide blades (10 teeth per inch), perfect for carcass and bone...
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  • LEM Backwoods Summer Sausage Seasoning for 20lbs of meat. LEM Backwoods Summer Sausage Seasoning for 20lbs of meat.

    LEM Summer Sausage Kit for 20lbs of Meat

    Summer Sausage: This favorite delivers a tangy explosion of flavor Backwoods fans love. A game sausage you'll make over and over again.Make delicious Summer Sausage in your kitchen with easy-to-follow directions! Everything you need is included!Each...
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  • LEM 21mm Smoke Collagen Casings

    LEM 21mm Smoke Collagen Casings

    Collagen Casings take the place of using natural hog or sheep casings. These beef protein casings can be used for either fresh or smoked sausages. There is no preparation necessary; just put them on your stuffing tube and before you know it, you will...
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  • LEM Jerky Rack 18"x13"

    LEM Jerky Rack 18"x13"

    Use these extra Jerky Racks with the Jerky Pan. Racks can be stacked 2, 3, or 4 high. Rack is 1.5 square feet and holds approximately one pound of ground meat jerky strips.
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  • LEM 18"x13" Jerky Pan and Rack

    LEM 18"x13" Jerky Pan and Rack

    Use this large jerky pan and rack combo to make jerky or sausage in your oven. The sturdy 18" X 13" jerky rack has feet which enables it to be stacked for drying several racks at one time. Stack them 2, 3, or 4 high. Improves circulation around the meat...
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  • Double Bladed Hog Scraper

    Double Bladed Hog Scraper

    DETAILING MADE EASY: Designed for efficiency and ease when tanning, these skinning tools provide 2 sharp blades that allow you to detail delicate areas like edges and limbs on small and large animal hides STURDY WOODEN HANDLE: The heavy-duty wooden...
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