Coming Back Home

Coming Back Home

Posted by Matt Smith on Oct 21st 2021

As the weather turns crisper and the days become shorter, we can’t help but to get the itch to jump in a tree stand or don that lucky set of camo that has served us for years and years. There is no better time of year. To make sure that we can keep enjoying these, we need to return home. Accidents happen in the deer woods no matter how prepared we can be. We owe it to our loved ones to not skimp on safety but to embrace it to ensure our return. Here at Rockingham Cooperative we do not take safety lightly. We all love being outdoors and want to continue pursuing our passions with our families. There’s just a couple of things that we can shop for to ease the worries from those waiting on us back home.

Tree stand safety is no strange topic that we hear about every year. No matter how many times we are preached to about wearing a harness or checking your straps, it never hurts to have that reminder. With the advent of super comfortable options from Hunter Safety Systems or Muddy Harness’s, there really is no excuse to not wear one. Wearing a harness that is tethered to a dependable safety line is more than a life saver. This equipment is more and more dependable with costs that are a drop in the bucket compared to a hospital bill. Statistics have proved that the majority of tree stand accidents occur during the ascent or decent from the tree. Harnessing to a lifeline ensures that your are strapped to the tree from top to bottom. The ease and practical nature of a lifeline is well worth its weight in gold. Always taking the time to inspect your stands before climbing in is key to ensure safety. With many hunters that leave their stands up year to year, it’s extremely important to check all the straps use as they may have weathered and weakened over exposure to the elements. Giving your hunting buddy or family a heads up of where your stands are located is always a smart idea just in case an emergency were to happen. By taking the extra time to inspect our stands and investing in quality safety equipment, we can spend more time enjoying what we came out to do instead of putting the worry on those we love.

For many, this may be the 1st or 2nd season for new hunters. With the rising number of hunters in the woods, we need

to be visible and respectful the space around us. Wearing blaze orange is not only a safety precaution, but also the law during muzzleloader and general firearms season. With a lightweight blaze orange vest or a ball cap, we greatly contribute to a lower statistic of target misidentification. Wearing blaze orange to and from the stand is vital because we may not know who is watching us. Many hunters get ready and prepare for the shot as they hear footsteps. Being completely visible gives other hunters the clarity they need to be cautious. Blaze is for everyone, once again with literally all sizes available and low-price tags, there is no excuse.

Let’s continue to enjoy hunting to the fullest. With our stands checked and blaze pulled from the closet, we can now say we are ready for those cold November mornings.