• Kershaw Debris Kershaw Debris

    Kershaw Debris

    Despite its name, Kershaw fans won’t be throwing away the Debris. This mid-lock folder features a 2.75-inch blade, a smaller alternative to its bigger sibling, the Cargo. The clip point blade...
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  • Kershaw Allegory Kershaw Allegory

    Kershaw Allegory

    Tackle a multitude of work projects with the two-bladed Allegory non-locking slipjoint. Inspired by traditional doctor’s knives, the Allegory includes a clip point and spear point blade for...
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  • Kershaw Camo Scallion Kershaw Camo Scallion

    Kershaw Camo Scallion

    This compact Scallion features our Stalkland camo pattern, designed by two former military snipers and is based on the principles of concealment they learned during their service in the military. To...
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  • Kershaw Collateral

    Kershaw Collateral

    Sometimes, innovation is what you don’t see. For starters, the Collateral flipper stays hidden in the open position, creating a sleek, uninterrupted profile. This flipper takes advantage of...
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  • Kershaw Tremolo

    Kershaw Tremolo

    Whether it’s a beginner’s first knife or a new addition to the collection, this Starter Series Kershaw boasts a modern design and reliable performance. The Tremolo is set at an...
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  • Kershaw Analyst

    Kershaw Analyst

    One look at the Analyst reveals a tough Kershaw with plenty of work-ready features. Its tanto combo edge allows for versatile cutting ability. A serrated edge saws through rope and fabrics, while the...
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  • Kershaw Brace Kershaw Brace

    Kershaw Brace

    Many appreciate the convenience of small neck knives, but actual utility is sometimes overlooked. That’s where the Brace comes in. Despite its small profile, the fixed blade has many features...
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  • Kershaw Strata

    Kershaw Strata

    Inspired by Spanish Navaja knives, the Strata transforms this traditional style into a modern design. In 19th century Spain, Navaja knives were adapted as defensive fighting tools for working...
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  • Kershaw Leek Random Blackwash

    Kershaw Leek Random Blackwash

    A new blade shape and an all-BlackWash look bring the Leek to the next level. With its 3-inch blade, the Random Leek - BlackWash is a good-sized knife, but not too big. The reverse tanto blade shape...
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