• Kershaw Debris Kershaw Debris

    Kershaw Debris

    Despite its name, Kershaw fans won’t be throwing away the Debris. This mid-lock folder features a 2.75-inch blade, a smaller alternative to its bigger sibling, the Cargo. The clip point blade...
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  • Kershaw Allegory Kershaw Allegory

    Kershaw Allegory

    Tackle a multitude of work projects with the two-bladed Allegory non-locking slipjoint. Inspired by traditional doctor’s knives, the Allegory includes a clip point and spear point blade for...
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  • Kershaw Analyst

    Kershaw Analyst

    One look at the Analyst reveals a tough Kershaw with plenty of work-ready features. Its tanto combo edge allows for versatile cutting ability. A serrated edge saws through rope and fabrics, while the...
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  • Kershaw Strata

    Kershaw Strata

    Inspired by Spanish Navaja knives, the Strata transforms this traditional style into a modern design. In 19th century Spain, Navaja knives were adapted as defensive fighting tools for working...
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  • Kershaw Endgame Kershaw Endgame

    Kershaw Endgame

    For a combination of high-quality materials, intricate design elements, and practical usability, step into the Kershaw Endgame. After opening the knife with KVT ball bearings, take control of the 3...
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  • Kershaw Reverse Tanto Leek

    Kershaw Reverse Tanto Leek

    A reverse tanto blade shape adds a new level of functionality to the popular Leek. With its 3-inch blade, the Random Leek is a good-sized knife, but not too big. The reverse tanto blade shape adds...
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  • Kershaw Kapsule

    Kershaw Kapsule

    The Kapsule is easy to cut with, easy to carry, and easy on the eyes. Designed by Jens Ansø, this unique Kershaw opens with an out-the-front, manual sliding mechanism, securing the blade with...
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  • Kershaw Blend

    Kershaw Blend

    The Kershaw Blend provides an already broken in look, like your old pair of jeans. All steel construction sets off the blackwash finish and the SpeedSafe assisted opening combined with the thumb stud...
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  • Kershaw Olive Stonewashed Link

    Kershaw Olive Stonewashed Link

    The missing link between a quality, made-in-the-USA knife and a price most people can afford has been found. Or, to be more precise, Kershaw is making it. Appropriately, we call it the Link and have...
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  • Kershaw Thicket

    Kershaw Thicket

    The Kershaw Thicket features an assisted opening black oxide coated 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade and glass filled nylon handles. This knife opens quickly with the assist of a blade flipper and...
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  • Kershaw Turismo

    Kershaw Turismo

    Like its bigger brother, the Collateral, the Turismo flipper stays hidden in the stainless steel handle when it is open. With a handle length of 3.8 inches, it will not take up much space in the...
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  • Kershaw Bevy

    Kershaw Bevy

    The Kershaw Bevy is indeed one beefy and tough-looking pocketknife. The Bevy features a G-10 epoxy-filled woven glass fiber handle that is unaffected by temperature changes and is texture to give you...
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  • Kershaw Shroud

    Kershaw Shroud

    Type: Folder Style Pocketknife Blade Style Drop Point Blade Edge Plain Opens With Flipper Lock Type Liner lock
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  • Kershaw Scallion 1620

    Kershaw Scallion 1620

    With its 2.25-inch blade, the Scallion is a smaller knife, perfect for pocket or purse carry. Yet it can handle just about any cutting task you’d ask it to—from breaking down a cardboard...
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  • Kershaw Leek Blackwash 1660

    Kershaw Leek Blackwash 1660

    The famous Kershaw Leek just got better—with our BlackWash finish that gives this Leek an already-broken-in look, like your favorite pair of well-worn jeans. With its 3-inch blade, the Leek is a...
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  • Kershaw Misdirect Kershaw Misdirect

    Kershaw Misdirect

    The Misdirect is part of Kershaw’s popular Starter Series, value-priced knives with striking style and solid performance. The Misdirect is no exception. It offers Kershaw's assisted opening, a...
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  • Kershaw XCOM Kershaw XCOM

    Kershaw XCOM

    Kershaw and custom knifemaker Les George took inspiration from a classic US World War II trench knife to create the XCOM. But instead of being a fixed blade, the XCOM is a convenient folder. Like its...
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  • Kershaw Secret Agent Kershaw Secret Agent

    Kershaw Secret Agent

    This updated version of the boot knife features a single-edged blade with a non-reflective black-oxide finish. It comes with a dual-carry molded sheath with a clip for convenient belt carry and slots...
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  • Kershaw Fatback Kershaw Fatback

    Kershaw Fatback

    Actually, the Fatback has a rather slim handle. But to ensure you always have an extra secure grip, it does have some extra fat texturing. We call it the Fatback because it’s one very tasty...
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  • Kershaw Blur Kershaw Blur

    Kershaw Blur

    This is a Blur on the dark side. Like all Blurs it’s equipped with a big, slightly recurved blade that’s ideal for multitasking. The blade shape offers both excellent slicing and piercing...
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