Bow Releases For Sale

  • Tru Ball - X-Tension R/T Release

    Tru Ball - X-Tension R/T Release

    The X-TENSION R/T is a wrist strap release that can be shot two ways: a PULL-THRU method or a RELAX TENSION method of activation! *To Shoot as a PULL-THRU Style Release, begin by setting the X-Tension R/T five lbs over your holding weight at full...
  • Spot Hogg - Whipper Snapper 4 Finger Open Release

    Spot Hogg - Whipper Snapper 4 Finger Open Release

    Like all Spot Hogg products the Whipper Snapper features unique, contoured lines intended to generate comfort during long shooting sessions and through every segment of the shot sequence. With its slender design the release seems almost non-existent in...
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  • B3 Alpha Swivel Release

    B3 Alpha Swivel Release

    The Alpha features a roller-sear design and an adjustable trigger. The blackened stainless steel jaws are fully radiused, and the Alpha can be used off the bowstring or with a string loop. It’s setting new standards in the dual-caliper...
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  • B3 Claw Swivel Release

    B3 Claw Swivel Release

    The Claw features our roller-sear hook release and is specifically built for string-loop shooters. Other features include angled forward trigger, flex or swivel stem connector, and travel/sensitivity adjustment. The Claw’s open-hook design...
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  • B3 Tigress Flex Release

    B3 Tigress Flex Release

    The Tigress Flex comes on a small buckle strap and has a micro-head design, which is perfect for youth or anyone with small hands and wrists. The Tigress Flex is offered with pink details including stitching and strap bracket. Our patented flex connector...
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  • TruFire - Smoke Buckle Foldback

    TruFire - Smoke Buckle Foldback

    Fits both left and right hand Dime-sized compact head Threaded length adjustment and foldback® option Fits both right and left hand Adjustable trigger travel Comfortable buckle strap The TruFire Smoke Buckle Foldback® has a compact...
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  • Tru Ball - Bone Collector Scout Buckle Release

    Tru Ball - Bone Collector Scout Buckle Release

    The Bone Collector™ Scout is for those archers and bowhunters who want their release to be out of the way until it is needed. Designed from the Best Buy-winning Assassin caliper head, the Bone Collector™ Scout features a new web strap with a...
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  • TRU Ball Bandit Buckle Release

    TRU Ball Bandit Buckle Release

    The Bandit features a rope connection covered in weather resistant flexible tubing, designed to make your release ready in hunting situations where speed is key. Has a Red Rope Connection System to provide easy adjustment for any draw length.
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  • Tru-Ball - Stinger XT Buckle Release

    Tru-Ball - Stinger XT Buckle Release

    This TRU Ball® release aid is built extra tough with CNC-machined knurling for added grip! Pull trigger to open, let up to close. Independent dual caliper jaws aren’t attached like other caliper release aids that torque the bowstring...
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  • Trophy Ridge Shootout Release

    Trophy Ridge Shootout Release

    Outshoot your opponent with the Shootout. This compact, dual-caliper bowhunting release features a durable ball joint connection to a full 360-degree swivel arm design allowing the release to be tucked in a shirt or jacket sleeve when not in use. Find...
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  • B3 Rival Swivel Wrist Release

    B3 Rival Swivel Wrist Release

    The Rival swivel features dual black anodized aluminum jaws and a brand new curved trigger design. It’s available on our patented Swivel Connector that gives you up to 7 length locations to fit any hand size out there. The Rival swivel is a...
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