We offer a huge selection of knives whether you are a collector, outdoorsman, or hard at work.

  • Outdoor Edge  3.3" Chasm™ in Coyote CHC-33C Outdoor Edge  3.3" Chasm™ in Coyote CHC-33C

    Outdoor Edge - 3.3" Chasm™

    This ultra-light and reliable lock-back folder is the perfect everyday carry knife. The 3.3 inch non-reflective Blackstone™ coated 8Cr13MoV stainless blade is precisely heat treated and hand finished for superior edge retention and performance...
  • Kershaw Debris Kershaw Debris

    Kershaw Debris

    Despite its name, Kershaw fans won’t be throwing away the Debris. This mid-lock folder features a 2.75-inch blade, a smaller alternative to its bigger sibling, the Cargo. The clip point blade is easily opened manually with the thumb stud and...
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  • 12 Survivors Sharp and Spark Tool 12 Survivors Sharp and Spark Tool

    12 Survivors Sharp and Spark Tool

    Every campsite should have a roaring fire and a sharp knife, and the Sharp & Spark Tool from 12 Survivors can help you achieve both. This handy gadget has coarse and fine triangular blade sharpeners, along with diamond-coated...
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  • Warthog V-Shape Curve Black

    Warthog V-Shape Curve Black

    The Curve is an incredibly easy to use, high-quality sharpener for quick action. With non-adjustable rods all you need to do is keep your blade flat against the Guide and let the sharpener do the rest. The unique curve in the Diamond Rods maintains a 25...
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  • Kershaw Iredale Kershaw Iredale

    Kershaw Iredale

    Named after the Peter Iredale shipwreck in Astoria, Oregon, the Iredale pays respect to history while also pushing forward with a fresh design. Featuring a non-locking slipjoint mechanism, the Iredale includes a clip point blade and two sheepsfoot blades...
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  • Warthog V-Sharp Classic II Med/Coarse Sharpener

    Warthog V-Sharp Classic II Med/Coarse Sharpener

    The double sided Classic II stones come in 6 configurations. The first 4 (Extra Coarse, Coarse, Medium, Fine) are diamond stone on one side and a honing steel on the other. The latter 2 configurations have diamond stone on both sides at different grits.
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  • Warthog V-Sharp A4 Sharpener

    Warthog V-Sharp A4 Sharpener

    The perfect diamond knife sharpener for home use, chefs, fishermen, and hunters. The Patented V-Sharp system used in the A4 is the only free hand sharpener that sharpens a precise angle on both sides at the same time. This is the secret to getting a...
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  • CRKT M16-02DB CRKT M16-02DB

    CRKT M16-02DB

    How do you take an already widely-celebrated knife and make it thrice as good? By taking the legendary M16® design imagined by one of the most notable knifemakers in history, then adding three groundbreaking innovations: Deadbolt®, Assisted...
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  • Kershaw Allegory Kershaw Allegory

    Kershaw Allegory

    Tackle a multitude of work projects with the two-bladed Allegory non-locking slipjoint. Inspired by traditional doctor’s knives, the Allegory includes a clip point and spear point blade for everyday tasks and detail cutting. Its polished micarta...
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  • Kershaw Leek-Copper Kershaw Leek-Copper

    Kershaw Leek-Copper

    The popular Leek gets a next level upgrade with CPM 154 blade steel and genuine copper handle scales. The Leek has been called the ideal EDC. With its 3-inch blade, it’s a good-sized knife, but not too big. The slim design makes it easy to carry...
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  • Kershaw Federalist Kershaw Federalist

    Kershaw Federalist

    Kershaw pays tribute to the American spirit with the USA-made Federalist non-locking slipjoint. The double-detent system holds the blade in place while closed, and the half-stop offers controlled opening and closing action. Its green, canvas micarta...
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  • Kershaw Blur-S30V Black Kershaw Blur-S30V Black

    Kershaw Blur-S30V Black

    Take a step up in the world of Kershaw Blurs with the S30V Blur. This Blur features a blade of S30V powdered stainless steel. Powdered steel is dense and fine-grained, enabling it to take and hold an extremely fine edge for a longer period of time. The...
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  • Kershaw Blur-Blackwash Kershaw Blur-Blackwash

    Kershaw Blur-Blackwash

    This Blur features our great-looking BlackWash finish to give the blade an already-broken-in look. The coating provides an extra measure of protection for the steel, too, and helps hide any additional scratches you may put on the knife during normal use...
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  • Spartan Astor Carbon Fiber Linerlock Spartan Astor Carbon Fiber Linerlock

    Spartan Astor Carbon Fiber Linerlock

    The ASTOR is our first folding knife collaboration with prolific knife maker Les George. The ASTOR was built as a robust "Work Horse" of a knife! From its carbon fiber G-10 composite scales, thick liner-lock, and high ground premium CTS-XHP...
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  • Ontario RAT II Carbon Fiber

    Ontario RAT II Carbon Fiber

    This RAT Model II features an AUS-8 steel blade in a black finish and a carbon fiber handle. If you like the Ontario RAT Model 1, but want something a little less bulky, then you'll love the Model 2. The RAT Model II is based on the popular Model I. It's...
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  • OKC Cerebus 1776

    OKC Cerebus 1776

    The OKC Cerberus Folder knife from Ontario Knife Company is overall 9.3" in length which includes a 3.8" D2 Tool Steel blade and a 5.5" Titanium handle. The OKC Cerberus Folder features a minimalist design that's ideal as an everyday carry knife with a...
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  • CRKT Homefront CRKT Homefront

    CRKT Homefront

    The new Homefront™ knife is the first in our fleet to feature “Field Strip” technology. This in-field, no-tool take apart capability lets you purge your most reliable companion of a hard day’s grime right where you are, without...
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  • Old Timer Middleman

    Old Timer Middleman

    The Middleman 34OTG is a part of our new Generational Series family. The Middleman features three 1095 high carbon steel blades handcrafted in the U.S.A. and chestnut bone handles. The handcrafted nature allows each knife to come with its own unique look...
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  • TOPS Baja 4.5 Reserve Edition TOPS Baja 4.5 Reserve Edition

    TOPS Baja 4.5 Reserve Edition

    When TOPS started building knives for bushcraft outside of the tactical knives with a survival flair, black traction coating and tan canvas Micarta handles were the option on most. As TOPS has continued to be successful in that arena, many colors and...
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  • Cold Steel Finn Bear

    Cold Steel Finn Bear

    Reflecting the best of its Finnish heritage, the Finn Bear is ideal for use in the great outdoors, and makes an efficient utility knife as well! Its sub-zero quenched German 4116 Stainless blade is hollow ground and given an RC of 56-57 so it will hold...
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