Hog Show Supplies

  • Sullivan Supply Balance Whip 36" Sullivan Supply Balance Whip 36"

    Sullivan Supply - Balance Whip 36"

    Most Popular Whip! •Lightweight, fiberglass whip with a fine nylon weave•Smooth rubber handle•Streamline gun metal hardware•Double reinforced shaft/tip joint for added longevity•Medium Flexibility The Balance whip is a...
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  • Sullivan Supply Undress UNDG Sullivan Supply Undress UNDQ

    Sullivan Supply - Undress

    Undress delivers the safe and rapid removal of all show-day adhesives and touch-ups. Perfect for same-day refitting; NO Oily Residues. Features a powerful blend of dynamic enzymes that swiftly solubilizes, to dissolve show day products. Undress is...
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    Weaver Ultra-Absorbant Chamois Blue

    Weaver Ultra-Absorbant Chamois Blue

    Maximum water absorption for thorough drying results Nonwoven, felt-like material can be cut to desired size without fear of unraveling On a hot day, wet chamois and lay over animal’s back for a cooling effect Sturdy enough to withstand many...
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    Now: $7.19
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    Weaver - 36" Pig Whip - Lime Zest

    Weaver - 36" Pig Whip - Lime Zest

    This pig whip is quality constructed for maximum durability. A comfortable rubber handle provides extra grip. Measures 36" overall including popper.
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    Now: $8.09
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    Weaver - Pig Stick - Lime Zest

    Weaver - Pig Stick - Lime Zest

    This pig stick comes in hot, trendy colors that kids will love. It will definitely turn more heads than standard colors. Features a rubber handle with nubs for extra grip. Measures 30" long.
    Was: $11.99
    Now: $10.79
  • Weaver Stain Out Quart

    Weaver Stain Out Quart

    Citrus based formula gradually removes stains from your animal's hair Contains an enzyme blend specifically developed to break down grass and manure stains Apply daily at least two weeks prior to a show Color : Clear Size : 32 oz. Citrus based formula...
  • Weaver Waterless Shampoo Quart

    Weaver Waterless Shampoo Quart

    Formulated to easily remove dirt, grass and manure stains with no water required, this shampoo is great for spot cleaning when a complete wash is not necessary. Suitable for use on all livestock. Includes Inverted Sprayer. Quart (32 fl. oz.) FEATURES ...
  • Weaver  Degreasing Shampoo Quart

    Weaver Degreasing Shampoo Quart

    A must-have for any showman who wants to be prepared to strip the animals coat completely clean after show day products have been added to the hair and hide. Not only will this hygienic shampoo strip away grease, lanolin and product, it will also help...
  • Weaver Mild Shampoo Quart

    Weaver Mild Shampoo Quart

    With a versatile fresh and clean formula, this shampoo gently and effectively cleanses and conditions the hair coat and skin. Suitable for use on all livestock.
  • Weaver Livestock PreShow Quart

    Weaver Livestock PreShow Quart

    Ultimate dye-free liquid swine conditioner Gives pig a fresh, smooth, well-conditioned look in the show ring like no other Formulated to enhance show pigs' natural color Quart (32 fl. oz.) 69-3620 Ultimate dye-free liquid swine conditioner. Gives pig a...
  • Weaver White Polish Quart

    Weaver White Polish Quart

    To get a look that will set your animal apart in the show ring, this formula is the go-to choice for a vibrant, white appearance. Brightens while helping conceal scars, blemishes, stained hair, and other imperfections.
  • ProHair 100

    ProHair 100 - Quart

    Promotes an ideal environment for healthy hair growth. Encourages the growth of new hair while revitalizing existing hair. Nourishing blend of rejuvenating argan oil that's rich in vitamins A and E, hair-building hydrolyzed keratin, and moisture-boosting...
  • Weaver Hide Ointment 8oz

    Weaver Hide Ointment 8oz

    Formulated with zinc oxide, zinc pyrithione and aloe vera extract, this ointment soothes irritations, redness and inflammation from skin abrasions. Expedites healing by forming a moisturizing protective barrier on hide.
  • Weaver Medicated Shampoo Quart

    Weaver Medicated Shampoo - Quart

    Weaver Medicated Shampoo is specially formulated with natural antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral ingredients including tea tree oil and eucalyptus. Use it as needed or as a preventative measure to protect livestock from skin problems if exposed to...
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    Weaver Leather Tampico Pig Brush

    Weaver Leather Tampico Pig Brush

    The handle on this Weaver Leather® Tampico Pig Brush makes it easy to use at home or in the show ring. Known for its ability to pick up fine dust, keep its stiffness when wet and recover its shape, Tampico fiber makes this soft brush great for...
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    Now: $6.65