Five Items Under $25 that you Must Have!

Five Items Under $25 that you Must Have!

Posted by Matt Smith on Nov 5th 2021

Whether you are looking for gift ideas or cruising around for last minute must haves for your next outing, check out this small list to help your next hunting adventure. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on useful products. Just using practical items will go a long way in the deer woods.

Sitting in your treestand during a downpour is never fun. By the time you get settled in you are completely drenched and ready to go home. Stop letting rain be your hurdle to your next deer. For $22.49, you can have this little trick that will save your next deer hunt. The handle simply screws on top of your setup allowing you to stay dry and hidden while the rain comes in. This is a simple but effective tool for any whitetail junky or weekend warrior.

Finding your arrow after launching it at your next freezer filler can be a chore especially as the sun goes down. Not only will you be able to increase your odds of finding your arrow but watching the laser beam of light disappear into your deer will give you a good clue as to how your shot placement is. The nocturnal is available in Red and Green. The super bright lights are activated as your compound or crossbow is fired. Find your arrow faster and know what your next move is with a trusty Nocturnal Lighted Nock. Before purchasing, check in with Aaron or Stacy to ensure your arrow is compatible with these nocks as they do run in different sizes. Starting at $24.99 this is a must have for the diehard bowhunter.

Carrying too many calls in your pack can clutter the room you need for other handy gadgets. However, its vital to have an assortment of vocalizations at your fingertips to lure in deer. Primos has developed the Revolver Grunter that is a dial system grunt tube that allows you to sound like multiple deer such as mature bucks or fawns. Having this handy in your bag of tricks could stop that buck of a lifetime by just turning the dial to create sounds to peak that buck’s curiosity. At $24.99, you can not only save room but have the edge calling in one compact package.

When you come home with some backstraps or a stringer full of trout, nothing beats Big Spring Mill Seasoned flour. This stuff is flat out incredible on any meat that it touches. The pre-seasoned mixture continues to be a hot seller for hunters after the hunt is over. It doesn’t matter if you are pan frying deer tenderloin or biscuit gravy, this stuff will have you filling up your plate time and time again. We offer 2- and 5-pound bags. At $5.99 for a 5 pound bag, you cannot beat this incredible seasoning in the kitchen.

This is an absolute must have on those cold and crisp November mornings. When the temperature drops you need to do everything to stay warm without calling it quits early. Grab a handful of these warmers at $1.79 each and you will not be sorry. Not only are these great for the hunting pack but they can be used anytime you are outside watching a football game or doing some yardwork. Many hunts have been saved using these hand warmers and they will continue to be a staple for those cold mornings we look forward to.

You don’t have to go crazy on buying gifts for the outdoorsman. These simple ideas are beyond useful and practical to anyone that enjoys spending time in the deer stand.