Cocking Aids

Crossbow Cocking Aids

  • Excalibur - Dualfire Crossbow Stringing Aid

    Excalibur - Dualfire Crossbow Stringing Aid

    Change your strings on the TwinStrike easily with the use of the DualFire Stringing Aid without the use of a bow press. String changes on the range or in the field can be accomplished quickly without losing valuable time. Will not work on non-DualFire...
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  • Centerpoint - Rope Cocker

    Centerpoint - Rope Cocker

    Works with most crossbows. Keep one in the truck and one in your pack! Designed for use with most crossbows Reduces draw weight by 50% Roller glide hooks for easy, smooth cocking Long 46-inch rope with t-handles for a solid grip and pull
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  • Bear X De Tac Cocking Crank

    Bear X De Tac Cocking Crank

    The BearX Detachable Cocking Crank reduces amount of strength required to cock the crossbow. This user-friendly cocking crank is fully detachable for ease of use and features a 600 lbs. draw weight capability. The anti-reverse mechanism prevents the...
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  • Excalibur Rope Cocking Aid

    Excalibur Rope Cocking Aid

    Our Rope Cocking Aid will allow you to comfortably load and unload** any Excalibur crossbow by reducing the felt draw weight by 50% and also will guarantee perfect string alignment for optimum accuracy. Made from highest quality components, it uses...
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  • Ravin Cocking Handle

    Ravin Cocking Handle

    Designed specifically for Ravin Crossbows Attaches magnetically to either side of the crossbow for both right- and left-handed cocking. *Note: Use only Ravin-branded draw handle.
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