Show Supplies For Beef Cattle

  • Weaver Leather Stierwalt ProRemover Gallon

    Weaver Leather Stierwalt ProRemover Gallon

    The mild citrus formula of liquid ProRemover effectively removes all show day adhesives and touch up paints and is great for breaking down multiple animals at the same time. For best results, let product sit 5-10 minutes before washing with Stierwalt...
  • Weaver Healthy Hair & Hide Concentrate

    Weaver Healthy Hair & Hide Concentrate

    Dye-free concentrate helps control dandruff and dry skin Therapeutic, lanolin-enriched concentrate assists in restoring vital oils Formulated with a UVA blocker, this nourishing formula helps prevent hair from bleaching out while encouraging healthy...
  • Sullivan Supply Undress UNDG Sullivan Supply Undress UNDQ

    Sullivan Supply - Undress

    Undress delivers the safe and rapid removal of all show-day adhesives and touch-ups. Perfect for same-day refitting; NO Oily Residues. Features a powerful blend of dynamic enzymes that swiftly solubilizes, to dissolve show day products. Undress is...
  • Weaver Stierwalt ProCharge Reconditioning Liquid Quart

    Weaver Stierwalt ProCharge Reconditioning Liquid Quart

    This conditioning formula provides essential nutrition to replenish, nourish and restore the natural beauty of the hair coat for the perfect bloom. Use this product daily to restore stressed or damaged hair. Recommended for show cattle but suitable for...
  • Weaver Pro Conditioner Nourishing Vitamin Quart

    Weaver Pro Conditioner Nourishing Vitamin Quart

    ProConditioner Nourishing Vitamin Treatment is a thick cream conditioner features a unique blend of coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E for the ultimate conditioning treatment that’s light enough to leave hair silky while...
  • Sullivan Supply Natural White Whitening Shampoo NWG Sullivan Supply Natural White Whitening Shampoo NWQ

    Sullivan Supply - Natural White Whitening Shampoo

    •All Natural with NO Abrasive Chemicals•Easy to rinse formula.•Enhances white color and cleans deep to the skin Sullivan’s Natural White is uniquely designed to enhance the skin, hair, and wool of all livestock leaving the animal...
  • Weaver Conditioning Treatment Quart

    Weaver Conditioning Treatment Quart

    Weaver Conditioning Treatment provides essential hair nutrition while adding body, shine and set for the perfect pop and bloom. Weaver Conditioning Treatment is ideal when used as a daily treatment for stressed or damaged hair. Suitable for use on...
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    Weaver Stainless Fluffer Comb

    Weaver Stainless Fluffer Comb

    Convenient design features a screw and lock nut combination that helps prevent screw from loosening while making removal and replacement of the blade quick and easy. Perfect for show day fitting or for daily use at home, this fluffer comb features longer...
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    Now: $17.99
  • Weaver Hide Lotion Quart

    Weaver Hide Lotion Quart

    Hide Lotion, quart Fight back against flaky skin! Restore & moisturize your animal's hide with the ultra-conditioning effects of Hide Lotion. Apply Hide Lotion to areas that have been clipped and shorn tight, or on wrinkled areas like knees,...
  • Weaver Medicated Shampoo Quart

    Weaver Medicated Shampoo Quart

    Weaver Medicated Shampoo is specially formulated with natural antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral ingredients including tea tree oil and eucalyptus. Use it as needed or as a preventative measure to protect livestock from skin problems if exposed to...
  • Weaver White Polish Quart

    Weaver White Polish Quart

    To get a look that will set your animal apart in the show ring, this formula is the go-to choice for a vibrant, white appearance. Brightens while helping conceal scars, blemishes, stained hair, and other imperfections.
  • Weaver Stierwalt ProPolish Quart

    Weaver Stierwalt ProPolish Quart

    Formulated as a light hair polish that is non-sticky when dry, this product adds shine to hair while repelling dust and dirt and protecting follicles from the harsh environment. Stierwalt ProPolish is excellent for slipping, provides an ideal sheen...
  • Weaver Stain Out Quart

    Weaver Stain Out Quart

    Citrus based formula gradually removes stains from your animal's hair Contains an enzyme blend specifically developed to break down grass and manure stains Apply daily at least two weeks prior to a show Color : Clear Size : 32 oz. Citrus based formula...
  • Weaver Waterless Shampoo Quart

    Weaver Waterless Shampoo Quart

    Formulated to easily remove dirt, grass and manure stains with no water required, this shampoo is great for spot cleaning when a complete wash is not necessary. Suitable for use on all livestock. Includes Inverted Sprayer. Quart (32 fl. oz.) FEATURES ...
  • Weaver ProSheen Concentrate Pint

    Weaver ProSheen Concentrate Pint

    Your go-to product for getting the ultimate shine in the show ring! Fortified with vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5 and sun barrier, this formula repels dust and dirt from hair follicles while enhancing the hair coat with a lustrous shine. Perfect for providing...
  • Weaver Coconut Livestock Shampoo Quart

    Weaver Coconut Livestock Shampoo Quart

    Weaver Coconut Shampoo is formulated especially for goats. The mild formula with coconut oil promotes healthy skin and hair. It cleanses and conditions for a beautiful end result. Weaver Coconut Shampoo also provides excellent results for cattle, sheep...
  • Weaver Stierwalt Medium Adhesive

    Weaver Stierwalt Medium Adhesive

    The ideal choice when moderate hold is needed, this medium adhesive builds volume and body while adding definition and shape to average, typical hair coats. With a slightly white tint as it dries, this is the perfect adhesive to provide a firm yet...
  • Weaver Stierwalt Strong Adhesive

    Weaver Stierwalt Strong Adhesive

    With a slightly white tint as it dries, this adhesive is the perfect choice for stiff, stubborn hair and provides a long-lasting, firm hold with minimal to no fall down. Does NOT contain methylene chloride, a known cancer-causing agent. Nt. Wt. 10 oz...
  • Weaver ProFoam Grooming Mousse

    Weaver ProFoam Grooming Mousse

    Offering exceptional hold, this multipurpose styling mousse is a must-have for training hair, clipping, and show day prep. The animal’s hair coat will have a thick, natural look with just the right amount of holding power. For grooming on show day,...
  • Sullivan Supply - Final Bloom

    Sullivan Supply - Final Bloom

    The fantastic oil with a pleasant scent. Will freshen up the hair. Less greasy with all the shine. Spray on before entering the show ring for the Final Bloom. Requires no washing out.
  • Weaver Stierwalt Light Adhesive

    Weaver Stierwalt Light Adhesive

    Light Adhesive for Show Cattle is user friendly and forgiving. Perfect for both novice and experienced fitters. The lightweight and flexible formula works well on soft, manageable hair that requires less hold. With a slightly white tint as it dries,...
  • Weaver Mild Shampoo Quart

    Weaver Mild Shampoo Quart

    With a versatile fresh and clean formula, this shampoo gently and effectively cleanses and conditions the hair coat and skin. Suitable for use on all livestock.
  • Weaver Pro-Touch Maxx Black Touch Up Paint

    Weaver ProTouch Maxx Black Touch Up Paint

    Formulated to highlight the depth and dimension achieved by Base Black ProTouch while not breaking down adhesives like other shiny paints. You’ll get exceptional coverage with a touch of holding power that won’t make your adhesives fall down,...