Wise Eye Smart Cam Product Review

Wise Eye Smart Cam Product Review

Posted by Matt Smith on Oct 19th 2021

When the bucks are starting to get curious and chasing the does we want to use every method possible to track and figure out their next move. Game Cameras have allowed us to do that for years. Having up to date photos and videos has been a proven factor in success among many deer hunters. However we get antsy and have to wait until we pull the camera chip to view what has frequented your location. The wait can leave us impatient and possibly stumped if the deer movement suddenly ceases leaving us in a dead zone. Having the best up to date info on feeding patterns, staging areas for chasing, and travel corridors with minimal invasive presence gives you the leg up on the competition. Trudging in and out of your spot just to check your camera can raise flags to the buck you have been after and even do more harm to your spot. 

WiseEye Camera

Cell Cameras have come along way from its introduction but have still fallen short in some regard. We have the trail camera that totally changes the game. Brand New to us is the Wise Eye Smart Cam. Not only does this state-of-the-art Cell Camera SEND you photos from the comfort of your home but it does so with clarity that is unmatched. When using your Wise Eye Smart Cam, you will have access to a subscription called Hunt Control. This state-of-the-art software allows you to collect data on any location that your Wise Eye is staged. With this software, you will have access to information that is unique and one of a kind compared to any other cell camera software. Another feature that sets the Smart Cam apart is the built in GPS that allows you to view the lunar phase and weather patterns for that location. For out of state hunters, this is key in planning your next trek. The ability to pattern the weather, temperature, and lunar phases is something that has merely been a dream for the die-hard whitetail hunter until now. 

Another recognition for the Wise Eye Smart Cam is the fact that it is the World’s First Camera to recognize certain species in front of your camera. This in turn updates your Hunt Control data base and sorts out your photos by species for easier viewing. The Smart Cam will also sort out Antlered vs Antlerless deer. Using the Hunt Control software paired with the Wise Eye Smart Cam will help make scouting a profitable venture. This incredible technology far surpasses anyone with Smart Technology in Game Cameras.

We offer models compatible with Verizon and AT&T at Rockingham Cooperative. Information on the prices of plans and more can be found at You will be able to find whatever plans that will fit your budget and needs. This amazing camera is a must have for the whitetail diehard. Unbelievable and cutting-edge technology is truly what Wise Eye had in mind when developing this camera. Visit here to browse this state of the art camera and software!

Shop for your Wise Eye Smart Cam at Rockingham Cooperative, online or in-store at 1044 S. High Street in Harrisonburg. Shipping and In-Store pickup are both available!